Monday, January 28, 2013

My Greatest Accomplishment

Throughout my life, I have made many accomplishments. Although, my greatest accomplishment was winning every single golf trophy when I was in golf camp over the past summer. To me, golf camp was a great experience to meet new people and play rounds on the course with them. The camp also had three trophies to give to three kids every week. These trophies were for skills champion of the week, best attitude, and most improved. Every Friday, at the end of the week, the instructors would pick three campers and give them each a trophy.

My first week there was pretty tough, since I had just started playing golf. Even though I struggled, I still managed to win the most improved trophy, which I was so happy about. The second week was better for me, as I saw some improvement in myself. It got even better when I won the best attitude trophy, for being so supportive with new campers who were having some trouble. The third week I wanted to be special since it was my last week there. I was prepared when skills day came that Friday, where I competed against 7 other campers for the skills champion trophy. And sure enough, I won the trophy, coming in first place out of all the other campers. This was the greatest day ever for me, knowing that I was the first camper to win all three trophies. This goes to show that you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Clubs

A part of being a golfer is having your own clubs. Clubs are important because there are so many to choose from. When warming up, you can use any club that you want to. I suggest that you use something like a pitching wedge(p) or an 8 iron to start you off. These would be good choices because you always want to start off with a club that is long. Although, when you are playing an actual game of golf, you must use a specific club at a specific part of the course. It may seem like this doesn't really matter, but, in fact, it does. Each club is meant to be used at some point, so here is how each club works.

1. The Driver- When playing a game of golf, the first club you must always use is a driver. This is the biggest club that hits the ball the farthest. Since you start far away from the hole, it is important that you always start with   this kind of club. The ball will most likely land somewhere in the fairway after you swing. This is when you switch to a smaller club, since you are closer to the hole.
2. The Hybrid- There will be a club that looks like a small driver that says 4h on it. This club is called the hybrid. The hybrid would be just about the right club to use since you are still kind of far.
3.The Pitching and Sand Wedges- When your ball gets close to a sand bunk, this is when you should use the pitching wedge(p) or the sand wedge(s). These clubs will help you get your ball on the green the easiest.
4. The Putter- Once your ball is on the green, you will obviously need no other club than the putter.  With the putter, you just simply stroke the ball into the hole. Since you don't swing hard with it, the putter can help you with your aim of the club. A good trick is to line up the logo of the ball, so it is pointing directly to the hole. Then you stroke the putter right where the line is, and it will go in the hole.

If you are new to golf, you may have to get used to this routine for a while. But if you focus on your swing, you will do fine with any club. Good luck and happy golfing!    

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's play golf

Like I said, golf is a game that requires a lot of practice and a lot of skill. You will not hit a golf ball high and far in the air by just swinging the club out of nowhere. There are certain steps that you must follow in order to swing the club and hit the ball properly. This might sound complicated and a lot to handle, and it is at first. But with practice and patience, you will be able to succeed. If you are a beginner at golf and might be struggling a little bit, here are some tips that can help you with your swing of the club, and make you hit the ball at a good distance.

First, before you do anything, you have to make sure that you are holding the club correctly. You must lock your fingers in between the grip, but don't grip the club too tight. Next, there comes the backswing and the finish swing. You swing your club back and make sure the toe of it is pointing up. And then, you followthrough and finish the swing. You are going to miss the ball a few times, so don't get frustrated. I suggest that you put one ball to the left and another to the right of the ball that you are hitting, so it gives you a pathway for swinging the club. You do this so that as you swing down to hit the ball in the middle, you try not to hit the ball on the right, and you avoid hitting the ball on the left as you follow through with your swing. This takes complete and utter control of the club and allows you to hit your ball farther to your target.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Beginning

Hello everybody. My name is Alec Toubin. Now, one of the sports in the world that you may know is golf. To some people, golf wouldn't really be considered a sport to them. But that is where they are wrong, since golf actually is a sport. Because some people don't this, it is pretty underestimated. What I mean by this is that some people think that golf doesn't require a lot of skill or practice. Again, that is where they are wrong. I have been playing golf for 9 months now and, from personal experience, I can tell you that it takes a lot of practice and skill to get good at it. If you have just started or wanted to play golf, you will have to be pretty focused for the first few lessons or so. Stay put for more tips on how to golf.